Project Management

A new project needs a project manager? Your incoming orders are growing faster than your team? pi³ GmbH takes over your project management tasks on an interim basis.

Do you want to realign your project management? Introduce a matrix organization? pi³ GmbH provides project managers who support you in this task and who practise a role model of modern, customer-oriented project management. Accompanying training courses and qualification measures can also be arranged from the pi³ GmbH network.

Interim Management

Do you have a gap in your management team (new organization, termination, etc.) that needs to be filled at short notice? The experts at pi³ GmbH fill this gap on an interim basis until you have found a suitable candidate and he is trained. We integrate ourselves into your organization and processes (within the framework of legal and labor law requirements).
Our strength is the flexible reaction to the framework conditions that may change dynamically in your company, so that the management task can also change in the course of the project, growing with the projects and your company.

Consulting on Strategy and Organization

For example, what does electromobility mean for my business with parts for transmissions? How can I benefit from the trend towards autonomous driving? These and similar questions can be worked out with the experts and the network at pi³ GmbH. pi³ GmbH has already worked with well-known consulting companies.

How can I equip my organization with the people working in it for the requirements and challenges ahead? How can the essential resources of people and management be optimally used and motivated, without overloading individuals and forgetting others? pi³ GmbH helps you to optimize your organization. Satisfied employees are a guarantee for continuity and performance.

Innovations Management

Innovations are an important building block for the future of companies. Often there is too little time in everyday life and project business to take care of it and good ideas do not arise or are not pursued. Often a few impulses are enough to give rise to new ideas. pi³ GmbH initiated, accompanied and moderated innovation workshops in different environments, from which patent applications and patents resulted.

We would be happy to motivate your company's employees and managers to become innovative and creative. From setting an example to installing incentive systems, there are very different options that are individually tailored to your company.

Business Process Management

The focus is on workflows and business processes with regard to quality and certifications, lead times and effectiveness and efficiency. Legal requirements, the state of the art, electrification and digitalization on the one hand, increased complexity, globalization and tighter deadlines on the other hand require the constant further development of business processes.

The experts at pi³ GmbH have recorded, optimized, documented and rolled out business processes for automotive suppliers. In particular, the interdisciplinary processes between departments and global approaches are strengths of pi³ GmbH. For transparent and efficient processes that withstand the usual certifications.

Coaching and Trainings

Do you have employees with great potential and want to leverage this? Do you have a proven team that has to face new challenges and do not want to transfer responsibility to interim managers? Then coaching by the "old hands" at pi³ GmbH is another way of qualifying your employees and your organization for the new tasks and challenges. The individual measures and any training courses are individually developed and coordinated and can be carried out by coaches and trainers from pi³ GmbH or their network.

Launch Management

One of the most critical project phases is the start of series production. At this point, delays and incomplete tasks become immediately transparent. Delivery dates from suppliers and then to the customer fall short and require appropriate measures and special solutions.

With experts and a network from pi³ GmbH, the start of series production is stabilized in the shortest possible time. This includes both the management of critical suppliers and on-site intervention as well as the management of the interface to the customer, including the agreement of delivery schedules and catch-up plans.

Publications and Translations

Do you want to write a technical publication but don't really have the time? You have registered for a conference contribution, but you are running out of time to prepare? pi³ GmbH has designed, optimized and written numerous publications for itself and also for managers in the automotive supplier industry. pi³ GmbH also supports its clients in positioning and developing key statements.

We would also be happy to translate your technical documents from German to English or vice versa.


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